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As a successor of LineKing, LineQueen is the better half, the feminine one, the one who makes full use of lines and colors in order to establish a style which is classy, elegant and meek.

The icons collection consists 1000 unique symbols. No repetitions, no kidding! Each icon is crafted with the intention to be used as a different visual metaphor.

You’ll get various file formats. The original llustrator file with stroke control, as well as an outlined version, but without the shadow. Sketch lovers, you get a Sketch file with defined shared styles for the stroke, shadow and color palette, which makes change a breeze. For the lazy ones, you get 3 sizes exported in PNG format (60x60, 120x120 & 240x240 pixels) and an SVG version.


Rich in Details. Each icon contains just enough details to look stunning at small, medium and big sizes.

Strong Visuals. Each icon tells a different story, with the aim to come up with icons as if they’re custom-designed.

Ultra Consistency. All icons share a common visual language, such as curve radius, perspective, mood, colors, shadow direction etc.

Line Thickness Control. The Illustrator and Sketch files give you full control over the stroke weight.

Color Customization. Ability to adjust the color palette. The use of shared styles in Sketch makes this a breeze.

Infinite Scalability. This goes without saying. All icons are vectors, so there is no size limit. Yes, big enough even for a highway billboard.

With great icons comes great flexibility. By purchasing today, you are making an investment. Since perfection is a never-ending race, LineQueen gets periodical updates and improvements. To value loyalty, you will receive all future updates for free.

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