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Line Queen icons

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14 ratings

With great icons comes great flexibility

I designed LineQueen icons to blend well in various contexts, sizes, styles, and whatnot.

It‘s the second-in-line bestseller, consisting of an enormous collection of 1,000 icons spanning 50 categories.

As a successor of the all-time bestseller LineKing, LineQueen puts a colourful layer on top of it, making each icon livelier and lovelier.

Preview the Figma file

Or feast your eyes in this embeded preview. Warning: Very long scroll.

I warned ya. 😊

Key features

🏞 Rich in Details
Each icon possesses just enough details to look stunning in small, medium and large sizes.

🦚 Strong visual metaphors
Each icon tells a different story, a combination of commonly-recognized symbols and wicked ones.

🕸 Ultra consistency
All icons share a common visual language, such as curve radius, perspective, mood, and colours.

🖊 Line thickness control
The Figma and Sketch files give you full control over the stroke weight.

🌈 Colour customization
Ability to adjust the colour palette. The use of shared styles in Sketch makes this a breeze.

⚖️ Infinite scalability
This goes without saying, but all icons are optimized vectors. Give it a try by using the icons on a highway billboard.

Bundle up

If you decide to get both LineQueen and LineKing, you‘ll get them at a bundled price of $90. No hurry—it‘s not time-limited.

Why should I buy premium icons?

A solid icon set is like a microcosm of your brand.

There is a multitude of free icon sets available on the interwebs. But precisely because they are free, they are used by millions. I‘ve heard clients say, “Oh, I‘ve seen this icon set. It‘s from [icon store]. You can download it for free.”

You don‘t want your customers to say that to the icons used on your website. They‘ll perceive your brand as cheap and unreliable.

Premium icons, on the other hand, bring more exclusivity to your projects since they are neither available nor affordable to everyone. And I try to control that by keeping the price on the high end, which tends to attract smaller but more loyal customers, using the icons more intentionally.

With my combined effort of being a bit exclusive and giving a creative emphasis on more expressive iconography, I bring pictograms that feel custom-made yet still applicable to most brands.

However, if you truly want to go custom and hold an exclusive license, I‘d be happy to make custom iconography for your brand.

Common questions

What file types do I get?
SVG, PNG, Figma, Sketch and Iconjar. Need more? Write to me and I might consider adding more.

What‘s the canvas size?
64×64 pixels, with a safe area of 4 pixels around the edges.

Can I tweak the line thickness?
Yes. Just open the Figma or Sketch file, select any of the lines, and go wild with the stroke thickness.

Will I get a discount?
Since you‘ve reached here, psst… each subscriber gets a voucher for a tiny discount. So, make sure you subscribe to my shop.

In what ways can I use the icons?
The purchased icons come with the Standard license. If you need more legal freedom (such as using the icons in a product for sale) please refer to the Extended license.

Why are you not offering a subscription?
I believe in a straightforward approach. Although subscriptions might be more lucrative in the long for me, it creates an utterance “Ah, forgot to cancel my subscription” every year for you. I want to avoid that.

Why is Jesus included as an icon?
Why not? There are also representatives of other world religions and spiritual paths. No other icon set has that. 😇

Do you offer a refund?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the goodies being digital, I can‘t provide a refund.

How will I get notified of future free updates?
I‘ll send you an email after each update. If you miss it, just go to your Gumroad Library to download the latest batch.

Still having questions? No worries. I‘m an email away.

Past updates

🗓 Oct 10, 2022
Enormous update. All icons are now fully redone to be customized via Figma.

🗓 2016 Initial launch.
Originally done for Sketch.

Since you‘ve reached here, I have a secret to share. LineQueen is currently on ProductHunt. If you give me an upvote and a comment there, I‘ll give you a 50% discount on your purchase.

Upvote LineQueen

Once you do that, write me, and I‘ll give you the discount code. 🎁

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With great icons comes great flexibility

SVG, PNG, Figma, Sketch, Iconjar
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